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Nancy Somers M.A., RCC, CCC

Nancy Somers

I foster a warm and non-judgmental counselling relationship in which awareness and growth occur. My gentle manner provides you the safety needed for self-exploration, self- understanding, and forward movement. I provide in-depth counselling that is insight orientated and inter-relationship focused. I understand that insight into our thoughts, feelings and behaviour can help move us in the direction of deeper more lasting change and fulfillment.

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Education & Experience

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist. I provide both open-ended and short-term, goal focused counselling, once or twice weekly. The focus of my work has been with adults, couples, and youth. I attained a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor. I also have membership with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.


People sometimes come to counselling feeling as though nobody can understand what it is that they are going through and may be afraid to even speak about their experience for fear of being rejected. Often, people do not expect any alleviation from intense feelings of anxiety, sadness, uncontrollable anger, emptiness or loss. In the counselling setting I promote a safe, compassionate, and confidential relationship so that you can have the freedom to share your thoughts and worries and at the same time, experience relief from painful and distressing feelings.

My initial interest is in learning about who you are and how to meet your needs. The first step is often helping you to make sense of your experience, which naturally allows for new discoveries and insights into yourself, the dynamics between you and your partner, and your family history. We can then determine how to bring about and create the most effective change in yourself, your relationships, and your life.

The unique characteristics and circumstances of each individual, couple and family I see informs how I practice my counselling and influences the techniques and knowledge I bring. I draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches including strengths based therapy, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, response based therapy, motivational interviewing, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


I place a high value on self-reflection, self-exploration and respect for another’s entitlement to their own thinking, direction and choices. I hold the belief that intimate relationships based on mutual respect, honesty, and autonomy actually promote individual growth. It is within the relationship that develops between us, a relationship of acceptance and transparency, that supports growth in you that is transformative.

Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear. — Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture


  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Attachment and relationship problems
  • Sexuality and Intimacy difficulties
  • Controlling anger and frustration
  • Past trauma, sexual or physical abuse
  • Grief & sudden loss
  • Personal growth and development
  • Parenting
  • Life & career transitions
  • Stress
  • Separation and divorce
  • Family of origin problems

Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Couples are often looking for help reducing conflict in their relationship, putting an end to chronic power struggles, understanding and relieving feelings of loneliness and isolation in their relationship, and rebuilding the connection and sexual intimacy that was once present.

One of the goals of counselling is for clients to learn how communicate with openness, how to express their needs and wants, how to repair painful experiences, and re-create the intimacy that has slipped away. Couples can be helped to feel empowered to improve their ways of relating and to work towards creating healthy, fulfilling relationships. In my work with couples, I maintain a position of neutrality and create a space that is free of judgment.

Clients often notice changes in many aspects of their lives when their closest relationships are transformed into a trusting and supportive bond. Healthy relationships and emotional connection can be the foundation for growth, learning and stability in our lives.